New short animated film presentation

Dear all,

I would like to present my most recent work. It is a short animated film, called “Inclusion”. The story is about a small ball that is rejected by many different societies, because of its color, shape and pattern. It was a 6 months project, which I made it all (script, storyboard, modeling, animation, light, render and post production).

at Vimeo:
or at Youtube:

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks a lot for your attention.
Rogerio Weikersheimer

Awesome ! I wish people started making monthly blender short films !

Pretty nice idea and execution.


By the way I love the homage to George Melies in your animated logo.

5 stars from me - you are a master of making the viewer feel emotion for the objects.

Very creative piece. I liked it.

That’s a great work showing how much you can do with a simple character. I love the artwork in general and also the various patterns on the primitive characters. Have to watch it again just for that alone. I was tying to follow the story the first time.

Best of luck on future projects. :slight_smile:

thank you all for the comments! I’m glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

I was really worried if people would get the message, but now I’m definitely relieved!

thanks again