New short: Malaventura (edited)

That´s my first full-finished work done with Blender, and also my first toon adventure… :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think.

Gustavo Muñoz

2-20-05: Bandwidth exceeded, I am sorry if some of you have problems downloading the movie. I am looking for some mirrors and will try to fix it ASAP. Thank you everybody :wink:

oooohhh… what a sweet animation! good work!

i’d like to hear also some sound effect, like the engine of the airplane anc other stuff…

You have made the best short I’ve seen with the use of blender’s npr shader.Take a bow.

Well done! Definately one of the top blender animations. The characters are great. The ending was left a little open. Are you going to make a sequel?

Seems like a lot more people are doing animation these days. And the quality keeps getting better and better!

I loved it!

It didn’t look like a cartoon, but the shaders really helped improve the piece.

I didn’t really like the fact that the particles prededing the lightning flashes were multicolored, but overall i’d say there was a nice use and variety of particle effects.

Again, nice job. And good selection for music :slight_smile:

Oh, cool!

I’m not sure whether I like the outline or not… but it’s cool overall. Really cool. I hope to see more from you.

Oh hey, I looked up the name in the end on google… found this.
So how is your animation related to this character? They are clearly related…

wow i really like the particle know how the clouds moved aside when the plane went by.

JediJapan: I think that was done by using negative metaballs.

loved it. really nice.

there were a couple of minor bits which I just didn’t get - the multicolored particles / halos (?) - came up a number of times. that bit didn’t seem to make sense / was possibly overused.

the cockpit scene was fab. funny and very clever

the music worked well

look forward to seeing more of your stuff.

Thank you everybody :slight_smile:

I did this animation for the game paroneayea founded in Google. I also did all the animations for the characters and props of the game. The designs were done previously by Carola Clavo. But the company went down and I didn´t get paid, so I decided to use it for my personal portfolio. Of course, the music was not this same one, but I re-edited the whole for using it all alone. The open end is due to the fact that it was planned as an intro movie for an isometric game.

And yes, I used particles and metaballs for the clouds. Negative metaballs for the effect of the plane over the clouds, and particles for the smoke trail. The coloured particles and lighting are 2D since I had a limited time to finish it (it was all done in two months) and this way I got much better preview times than in 3D.

Anyway, it could be made also inside Blender, of course ;).

Gustavo Muñoz

Sweeeet! I just loved it. The movie shows off a lot of Blender features in an obvious way: particles, metaballs, toon shader. Very well executed too. The ending needs improvement if the pilot is not a bad guy.

So if the company went down, what happened to the game? It looks like fun… something I’d enjoy playing.
A shame, also, that you didn’t get paid…

Err… my girlfriend liked very much the video but she was really sure the music isn’t Tchaikovsky’s Juliet and Romeo…

Err… I am sorry for correcting your girlfriend :wink: but it is a piece from Tchaikovsky´s ballet “Romeo and Juliet”, called “Montagues and Capulets”… or almost that´s how I have known it for ever…

Gustavo Muñoz

LOL. she’s just said that music is from an “opera” called “L’amore delle melarance” (trying to translate: “The Love of apple-oranges”)… who’s right? :smiley:

Have downloaded “Romeo and Juliet” of Tchaikosky, it’s completely different respect the music of your video… (sorry for the inquisition :wink: )

I didn’t know Tchaikosky made ballet.

Solved the mistery: we were both wrong, your girlfriend and me :wink:
It is from “Romeo and Juliet”, but not the one from Tchaikowsky. It is from the ballet of Prokofiev of the same name… my mistake from the beginning, sorry. My confusion came from having both in the same CD and with the same title.

I will change it ASAP, thank you :wink:

Gustavo Muñoz

Changed the credits, thank you for pointing the mistake :wink: