New Short Movie Project

Dear Blender Enthousiast,
My dream is to start a new short movie project but i need the best blender artists around… Who would like to participate?


I think many people would be willing to participate, but most people will have questions such as:

-what’s in it for us ( do we get paid or not)
-what kind of movie
-more about the storyline etc.
-what level of quality
-how long is the movie

the above quesions, and many more, will be asked by most people who might be interested…

good luck!

Hi Guss,
thank you for your reply. Let me clarify your points:
-what’s in it for us ( do we get paid or not)
As for many project it’s difficult to cash in at the beginning, but if we can proove we can produce super high quality movies I have good connections and I will ask funding for largest projects. However I will sponsor some of the costs on my own.
-what kind of movie
Animation movie for both audults and children.
-more about the storyline etc.
Still open, any idea is welcome (I already have some…)
-what level of quality
As much high as possible.
-how long is the movie
About 5 minutes.

Sound Interesting, I’d like to hear what the rest of the community has to say…

Still open, any idea is welcome (I already have some…)
My biggest hint would be to get this sorted first. If someone joins expecting a sci fi and another joins expecting a old west cowboy drama then either your discussions won’t get very far or you will have to filter out a certain amount of people’s opinions anyway. Collaboration is fine. Input about story (in moderation) is fine. Starting from scratch with a random collection of albeit well meaning strangers online, not too likely to succeed. Not impossible, but certainly not likely.

My advice would be to pick one of your story ideas, flesh out some concept art (or approach an artist or two specifically to do some) then present the idea and see who is still interested.

In no way a negative remark though, just trying to give the helpful advice that is often repeated on such topics. Just not always in a helpful tone unfortunately.

All the best with your planning!

Have you ever done something in Blender? How experienced user are you?

I agree with you: better to start on one idea an then see who is interested in it.
I have some years experience with Blender (Started with 2.49) but I do a bit of everything (modeling, lighting, texturing) but not a real expert on specific areas.
With animations I have very little experience. My contribution would be more focused on project management and coordinating the different project streams (and some modeling).

Now… What do you suggest?
Launch a website dedicated to the project and then find contributors?

Everybody wants to be director while real heavy lifting goes to the others (animator, modeller). I wish you all the best but from my own experience: this project, whatever it is, is like mission impossible. Start doing something on your own, then ask for support.

rozmiearek, you forget something very important that other might not have… my access to funding

why do you rob a bank, because that is where the money is…
Attracting traffic to a site is a really big job if you open up a site no one is going to go there expect the people that initially join. As the drop off as the will you will have trouble attracting new people to your project as most will have likely not heard of your project slowly but surely it will die out.

BA is the bank it is where the vast majority of Blender artist spend their time. It is where you will find the artist to replace those that leave or quit. I wouldn’t personally bother with a site, What purpose will it serve?

It will just isolate you from the artists you will need. I am a dope and a sucker for these kind of projects because I seriously want to see more people make shorts. The are lots of guys that do this alone but most collaborations seem to fail:(.

No banks but extremely wealthy people in my network that love CG and are willing to sponsor projects.

Are they willing to invest in loss making ventures. You did say you are making a short right? Well shorts film generally don’t make money the are usually just a labour of love.

@ tyrant monkey:
short films can also get people noticed… but I do get your point. There’s not much money (that I can think of) in short films, but in the long run maybe…

also, all great projects start somewhere, and we should do our best to encourage stuff like this in general, but I must also add, this is going nowhere without sufficient planning, manegement(sorry for bad spelling), and all that stuff (even if you have robust funding)

I do think people should make short animations…I just don’t think its realistic to be expecting to make money of these kind of things You do it because you have an itch to scratch

yup, true, all great directors (and movie makers in general) started out making shorts

So, let me get this straight:

  • You want other people to make a CGI short movie for you.
  • There’s no guarantee of any financial compensation.
  • You yourself have close to zero expertise in CGI.
  • This entire project is based on your desire to become successful in computer animation, by exploiting other artists.
    If this is your dream, I say dream on.

P.S. if you’re just some overambitious little kid then sorry for being overly offending.

It is always good to have ambitions and plans for great things. However, ambitions and plans alone wont take you far. You need to act. You need to put in all of yourself into what ever you want to achieve, and convince others that you are serious and dedicated.
It doesn’t matter how much you know. It matters how bad you want to reach your goal.

You need to start the project yourself, and then, when you have something to show (anything like some concept art, mock-up stuff etc) then come and show it to everyone. Asking people to join such a project with no info is like asking a complete stranger on the street to come for a road trip with you, without even telling him where you will be going.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that initiative, seriousness and dedication has to be shown first.

What it will take to get these people to part with their (hard earned?) money are most likely the same things it will take to get people to join your project.

And, you know, read the sticky…that’s what it’s there for.