New signature :)

Heeheehee :slight_smile:
it took some time to get right, but there it is now :Z

Teehee… That’s good. I like ascii art.

whats it supposed to be? i cant really tell… :expressionless:

it’s a guy with spiky black hair dressed in black, lying on grass while sun is gently shining :slight_smile:

Why all the black? Wouldn’t that be quite warm under the sun? It could have been:


Then she could really enjoy the warmth of the sun. She’s even slightly tanned, and she’s on the beach.

Ah, it’s all black, because it’s supposed to be me :slight_smile:
and btw, you forgot the hair from the babe on the beach :wink:

Mmm… low-resolution ascii-porn :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it