new simbiontblender plug in for blender


did anybody have success with using this new plug in?
each time i start the python script i get a “re” module not found
error message.

i installed all latest software including python on a windows xp pc.


It’s worked great for me, the only thing that I had to do to get it to work was to update my Python to 2.3 (2.3.5 to be exact, but I think any 2.3.x version should work).

I just ran the installed that was created for SimbiontBlender and followed the creator’s (i can’t remember who it was) instructions. He gave a little clarity in one of the threads on this topic about connecting the textures to the DarkTree shaders that was helpful.

ah ops i installed 2.4.1 !!! Might thatbe the reason why the module re is not found?

i am curious if it possible to write the shader by hand and get the with the plug in into blender. in case this would work that would mean that when the cratfer programm would get finished there might be away to have an external shader tool.


you can find a whole bunch of pre-made shaders at (Dark Tree Repository). As far as writing them by hand goes, I believe that is something that you need to buy DarkSim for.

i am not so sure

the shader look like text files with all propertie values.
they are not compiled. so i guess that the editor they
have just let you write the code by sticking the modules
together and also having a rendered preview.

i am not sure if crafter could be used to generate those textures and we
only need a crafter simbiont to use crafter with blender.