New Sintel Story

I have extended the facilities at to include graphic novels created with or partially with Blender and have started a new Sintel story.

In the forums people can collaborate with others to create stories or discuss stories that have been written. Links can be created from each scene in a story directly to the forum so each scene can be discussed easily and if you think you can create a better storyline than one that has already been created a fork can be inserted to create a new storyline.

There are three forums for writing and discussing stories:-

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Stories

All the content in this section must be Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Mixed Copyright Stories

People can contribute to stories in this section and include copyright restrictions on their work while including content with a Creative Commons license.

Copyright Protected Stories
This section is for stories that are completely copyright protected.

I have put the new Sintel story in the Mixed Copyright Stories section. If anyone would like to join in or start a new story visit