New site for video tutorials

I have finally found a permanent home for Blender video tutorials. I had been in negotiation for several weeks with (UNC) which you may recognise from its older names sunsite and metalab and today recieved the web site. They host a lot of open source projects and educational materials as a public service. I currently only have my LSCM tutorial loaded (I boosted the sound though) but more should follow in a few days.

If you would like to contribute your video tuts to the site I can be reached at the email address given at the bottom of the above web site.

Happy Blendering

If anyone has a high speed connection I would appreciate in hearing what sort of download speeds they are getting. Also, has anyone had any trouble playing the video since I boosted the volume? It works fine here on linux but I’m curious about other systems?

Thanks in advance

I am getting about 40 Kb/s on a DSL line. Should be faster, I think.

LSCM video will take 30+ minutes at that rate.


I tried downloading through work (T1 line).
Started out at 50 KB/sec +, then settled at about 14 KB/sec.

EDIT: I’ll take a look at home with a cable connection. Depending on what is happening, I can get faster speeds.

I have about 1.5 mbps connection. At first it started slow but then it started going up. I didn’t download the whole thing I just downloaded part of it to see what the speed was.

Thanks for the info people. Next monday will be upgrading their servers so the connection should be faster I hope.

Thanks again,