New site

(saluk) #1

Just wanted to announce that I’ve uploaded my new site. The organization is different, so the old links you may find in the forum wont work anymore. You can find most of them on the download page. The layout is simple, but functional and appealing. I plan to update it every day or so, which is more than I can say for my last site. For starters there is a blender game optomization guide on the blender page, and some unanounced projects on the projects page for you to look at.

Gimme some feedback!

Spinhead 2.0

(gargola) #2

very fast and easy to navigate!good work. are you going to add screenshots later? i like to see screenshots. :smiley:

(saluk) #3

If I do add screenshots, it will be like one screenshot per thing. I want to save bandwidth for the bigger files, and it takes too long to make a lot of shots. Thanks for the comments!

(joecool) #4

Hey cool site! Kind of reminds me of mine a little :wink:
Keep up the good work!