new site

(Carl) #1

Hello everyone,

since I’ve graduated I been working on my portfolio, here’s the url:

especially check the graphics section, there are some nice renders there from max, maya and blender…

I’d appreciate any input / comments,


(saluk) #2

Very nice portfolio.

Does this mean though that you aren’t working on Sung and Nannu anymore? If not I’ll be really sad :frowning:

(gargola) #3

he he he! those characters are great! keep it up! :smiley:

(Carl) #4

About the sung and nannu game…

yes and no… we were working on it very very hard, but there was just too little time to finish anything ‘big’, the project was, like most projects here and everywhere, too ambitious. But since it is really a shame to let all of it go to waste, it is still my plan to work on it… and I have in the past few days… being unemployed gives a man time…

so…I’m trying to make something out of all the thing we have, but I can’t promise anything, what I can promise is that the project, as far as I am concerned, isn’t dead yet…