New size and keep round corner

Hi everyone,
How can I enter a new size of my plane and keep round corner ?
I cant/dont want to transform my spline in mesh. I have to keep a spline.

aaaa.blend (578.5 KB)

you would have to do it in edit mode and change the dimensions

object will scale the whole thing including the rounded corners

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Actually, it is what I am doing. I create a new plane (mesh) with the right dimensions and snap my spline to it. I have to do it a lot a time for my projet. It is sooooooo long ;(
I didnt found how to create directly a rectangular spline with round corner

look at the curve extra objects
might find a curve like that

or check for an addon doing this

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see these doc here
it looks like there is a vert bevel

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thank you for your research and the link. Round corner seem to be ‘square’, but it means that it is possible to do this with a python script. I 'll search a script like this.

you can make round corner with bevel verts for mesh
then convert to curve

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Good tip ! You 're right. Thnx so much for it :wink:

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