New skin/loft/bridge tool

Heres my new skin tool- I have done a fair bit of testing so it should be stable, take a look details on my homepage.

The example below was done with a segment loft, even edge destribution. The script worked out the best path to loft the loops in.
Total time taked was about 0.3 sec for 24 vert loops total 739 edges.

neat :slight_smile: >> going to test it!

Thanks! I really like your scripts!

If your find any bugs please report them-
There is 1 known bug and thats the the skinned loops normals are sometimes facing the wrong way.

Id realy Id like to remove the options for shortEdge/EvenEdge skinning and make the script pick the best result for each loop-

  • Cam

DUDE! :o

You have no idea… I got the biggest woody when I saw your script page… I had started calling the knife tool the mesh grenade everytime I am forced to use it. Having a way to deal with the resulting tris that crease up my subsurf is a godsend…

And the other tools… most I will use within the next couple of days…

Thank you… seriously… thank you…