new sleek car pic/2 new anims

sleepless in philly,
i redid one of my car models yesterday and gave it a proper finished scene… and i made 2 humorous animations of the 2 characters me n goofster are gonna use in our project… 420kb 500kb
i didnt animate facial expressions yet cause its jus a lil test

tell me what u think, especially with the anims, i havent animated much so id like some pointers and critique on how it looks, thanks fer lookin

Man. As usual, great stuff.

Car Scene - just amazing dude! The background stretches a little bit, but you don’t concentrate on that aspect when you view it anyway. Beautiful model. Just a beaut!!

Anims - All i have to say is, lmfao!!


Wow, your car sceen looks awesome, could possibly use a better city scape background, but i can see how an image vs modeling a city scape is definatly the easier of the 2 routes. :wink: What caught my eye the most is the reflections you have done ever so nicely on the car and the ground surface.
About the animations, that is far better charactor animation than i have ever achived, so i cant really offer much of a oppinion other than i liked it and it looked great. :wink:
Keep on blending man, you do it very well.


Blend on, and blend well!!!



the second guy looks like me!


great stuff!

Really nice stuff :slight_smile:

movements are fluid and natural

I can’t get what that blue halo ring around the car is supposed to be …