New socket example (Useles for multiplayer)


I make a new script for sending data from client to server.

I havent network but on localhost it work fine!!!

Please try function on network. Client must automatical find server!!!

Output on server is in Console !!!

Cool milikiller :smiley: .
It is for 2.25? it needed python20.dll
it is a good start :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Ou sorry. Its for 2.25 !!!

I working only for 2.25 !!!

I hate new Blender, its slow!!!

Well… it is slow for things made in 2.25
Try making something in the newest version, it is fast. :slight_smile: .

Now !!! New version is slow. I like 2.25

New is slow!!!

hehe, What ever you say :smiley:

lol the only reason im into game making again is because of the speed ups in 2.36, however the physics does slow down things more then usal, however i dont use physics, muhahah so i have to say i like 2.36 much beter

i think 2.36 only apears slower because o fthe logic tic rate and wot not they added, which you can change to make it faster. I think. :wink:

Does anyone know more about this? Please enlighten us :smiley:

No! New have slow rendering!!

Well, i think that isn’t a topic to see what blender is better.

Hey, nice test a good begin to actually get started. This is the basci thing Nor.J and I tested a long time ago. As we sais, you have to start somewhere. :smiley:

Btw, Blender 2.36 has slow rendering because you open old 2.25 blender files inside. I use 2.25 for open old files and rebuild them to 2.36. That engine is really fast. Blender 2.25 cn’t handle 30 dynamic objects as a tower and fall down, it totally lags. Well blender 2.36 has able to handle this with ease. :stuck_out_tongue: