*New softbody animation in bottom!* old:Some shiddy electronic stuff


It is too slow, I´ll make it better but not today. One marble texture… and thats it =)

hope you enjoy…

hey eaglebreath, good start, I like the concept.
It looks similar to some stuff I fooled with in max.
Any hints on how you acheived it.
Also there is much good eyecandy on that site.
I tried to find a link to the blob thingy tute/hints but it appeared gone.
Like that one alot. hehe, reminds me of my brain sometimes.:smiley:

uhh… Blob thingy :smiley: what that could be…

and how I mage that: Make a marble texture and press that colorband. The main thing is that there is some alpha in colors! and then there must be pressed ztransparent-, and alpha-buttons. Hope that helps some way… And the material moves with Ofs-settings. I´m glad you like it :slight_smile:

OH, I almost forgot! You have to change that mix-button to subtract! That is the most important thing!

Check this one out! I like this is mucho better than the old one… Yet This is short…

A very similar effect to your first post was already done by someone else on this forum. Check out the .blend. link

^that blender file is almost straight copy from jasonenergy.blend. My own is different.

But yeah, I must confess that I got the idea from that blend

I figured this out a while ago, so it’s nothing new to me. Still, nice animation!

New animation, test softbody-effects. Please give comment and critics!

Um, softbody, where’s the link then, all I see are the links to the electronic stuff.

Nice electronic tests though even though it’s a marble texture with material IPO’s.

Look now ^

Basic, but then again it is a test.