NEw space cruiser

(Nayman) #1

May i introduce the C-105 Kitana…

It may look familiar to some aviation buffs…

The colours are based o nthe illfated Avro arrow…

I am particularly proud of the metal…

(it is chrome coloured, not reallyt white… but has a greyish hue)

(pofo) #2

The material is excellent (the camera movement is not :wink: ).
Are you sure it’s really a cruiser? Looks a bit on the smallish side.

Good work, I’ll look forward to seeing it finished

  1. pofo

(BgDM) #3

Ahh, the might Avro Arrow. Probably the greatest plane ever made in the world, and it was made right here in Canada. God damn Deifenbaker (sp?) and his kiss up to the American attitude. We woulda had the greatest air force in the world if it wasn’t for him. BASTARD!

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Nice model. I can see the resemblance to the Arrow in the front end, but that is it. I have to agree with pofo on the camera movement. It sucks actually. It is too close to the plane. Move it back and in a larger arc so we can see it better.


(Nayman) #4

sorry about that…

i got lazy and didnt want to re render… i’ll update in a second…