New Space game


The concept is a side scrolling game, where the user fly’s his space ship through the level while shooting down alien ships. There will also be boss fights on bonus levels.

The point of the game is to get as far through each level while collecting stars which will be around the map.

I have only spent about 15 minutes on the game so far and have only maid the ship the player will fly, basic alien ships and one boss alien ship.

I can do all the modeling my self but if anyone would like to help with the other normal stuff like coding,texturing and animation that would be very much appreciated.

Here are the renders of the models

First is the Players ship
Second Alien ship
Third Alien boss ship


great start so far.

ps, did you model that nitro engine in your avatar???


First person to notice what it is lol and yes I did model it about 3 years ago just for fun really :smiley:

Thats awesome man. I’ve always loved RC stuff. I wanted to make to rc models. But could never really find any blueprints. Could i see a larger render of the engine? “If you got one”

Ye I will try and find it. I think its on n external HDD so just let my go find it and I will do a render for you :smiley:

Great. :slight_smile: You can send me a message with it, if you want.

P.s. sorry for the thread hijack. haha

Nice design of the player ship, but to me saucers as aliens are too stereotypical.

Yeah I know but its not anyway going to be a serious game tbf.