New Spider-man test!

(Nayman) #1

In this test, spider-man gets hit with a blast from his mortal enemy “shocker”

he is the main villain in the script, and i need to test out his blast!

So, here it is’

When spidey gets hit, it will probably be a real actor being hit by a cg blast, but the movment on spidey isnt bad considering its hand animiated

So, here is the test… enjoy. (finished products are highly overrated)

(digitalSlav) #2

um… wha? there’s no animation what so ever… just spidy standing in a messed up pose…

(Vidigiani) #3

hmm somethings wrong then… I saw spider man jump up and get blasted back by a bolt. Very cool animation. It will be cool to see what was on the other side of the bolt :).

(blengine) #4

hooo very nice! great blast, and excellent movements and physics!

(Nayman) #5

thanx grandpa boy

yal the guy on the other side of the blast isnt going to be cg…

Basically… this project is a little to ambitious (just as i like it)
a 45 minute liva action spidey flick with lots of CG