New Star Trek Movie & William Shatner is Not Going to have a Cameo Role

We will definitely go see it, probably at an IMAX theatre somewhere in the DC area, but probably not until next weekend when I can use my discount tickets. My kid is just as excited as I am. I have high hopes for Zachary Quinto as Spock.

And I don’t give a hoot about Shatner not being in it. I’ve been a Star Trek fan since the 60s, not a Trekkie but just a fan, and I still don’t care about Shatner.

I can’t believe the amount of cg in that movie, the only thing that doesn’t depress me about it is they must have had 300 people working on every shot. Hopefully it won’t turn out like just two or three guys were working on most of it, like Dave Cardwell and Bay Raitt type thing with Lord of the rings. Depressing.

Sorry I didn’t type the review yesterday I had a shitload of work I had to do afterwards. But it was enjoyable and disappointing. I liked the cast better than I thought and over all the plot was good but…


I did not like that it stayed in the alternate reality with no Vulcan, the romance between Spock and Uhura, and I thought that Beckett from Stargate Anlantis who tried for Scotty would have been a better pick.


All in all a must see and a good movie.

And I don’t blame them, either after watching this

Man, Blendenzo, that is a great link :smiley: I chuckled three times over.

One of my teachers today told me (confidentially) that he went to see the midnight showing of Star Trek and he thought the movie was very, very good. He’s never watched anything Star Trek before unfortunately :rolleyes:. I guess my point is that Trekies should appreciate the film–even if it doesn’t live up to your standards, because no movie will.

That’s what happened with Star Wars. Every one had such high expectations for those movies, but was dissappointed with the reality. However, I enjoy those movies as is, even if they aren’t as good as Episodes 4-6. Lucas went back and made those movies for his fans, and it seems that many of them are ungrateful… So, enjoy the movie for what it is and not what you want it to be, because everyone wants something differant.

btw, what’s wrong with CGI? This is BA forum, we’re supposed to like CGI. lol :wink:


I dunno, Shatner could have had a cameo. Don’t they have obnoxious people in the 21st century to handle their travel arrangements? :wink: