New status bar


(Thornydre) #82

Yes William Reynish is the main asset the UI team :slight_smile:

(Zinogg) #83

@ThinkingPolygons yep, i agree with you they should put them in the status bar and change their icons/design to be seamless and like William said if the status bar is is hidden then display them in the topbar.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #84

I kinda like the status bar at the bottom, but I wish it had more functionality, like if you expanded it it would show a log of all the messages. Preferably including those from the console. As it is it’s kind of an early 90s status bar straight from Windows 3.11. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. Just very basic.

It should at the very least replace all the functionality from the old Info panel.

(Thornydre) #85

The jobs messages and errors are back in the status bar, they were moved to the top bar (with th workspaces tabs)

(Thinking Polygons) #86

Nice move… :v:

(JohnMalcolm1970) #87

In 2.79 when I Remove Doubles I see a message pop up at the top of the screen (a mini ‘Info’ window) telling me how many, if any, vertices have been removed. Is there anywhere we can see this information in 2.8 without opening a full-blown Info window?


(Zinogg) #88

download the latest build, it’s working now and much prettier.

(Thornydre) #89

It should be in the status bar at the bottom of your screen :slight_smile:

(Thinking Polygons) #90

What latest build?
The last one doesn’t have it. :thinking:

(JohnMalcolm1970) #91

All I’m seeing is the standard stuff bottom right. I’m not seeing a notification about the number of vertices actually removed when doing a Remove Doubles operation.

Ah… I’m guessing the current latest build available via the download page was created at just after midnight this morning. The change, if made today, won’t be in that version yet?

(Thornydre) #92

Yes you are right, you’ll have to wait tomorrow :confused:

(Zinogg) #93

sorry, i forgot that not all of us update from git…if u build blender yourself u get the changes before the buildbot update.

(JohnMalcolm1970) #94

Beer and pencil drawing in the pub tonight… new build of Blender can wait until tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue: