New Steak Recipe

Hi, here is my new steak recipe… with cherries…

Enjoy, :smiley:

steak is too light-colored, real steak is much darker red… unless this is meant to be pork

Looks more like pork than steak. But great looking pork!

Meat looks great, a little light but cherries are way too shiny. Turn the roughness up a bit.

Thanks for your comments, well this was made with a steak reference photo… But I have to agree, it sure looks a bit pale. So yeah… Pork it is. :wink:

dish too smooth in front of ideal cherry. some fingerprint and wood deformation on surface will add nature

I am curious on how you did the marbling of the meat. Even if it is a pork, I’m assuming this has not been cooked yet

Yes it is supposed to be raw meat. :smiley:

As for the marbling, its an actual photo texture.