New Stick Figure Movie Productions!

Hello guys!
I was recently making a small game for my computer programming 2 class in school, and after looking at the model I built for it, I was inspired. I’m going to try and make several short videos basically about stick figures beating the living daylights out of each other with any and every weapon imaginable. Here is the storyboard for my first one (it’s really really short mainly for testing purposes)


I’m still trying to make a good gun model though, any tuts would be helpful, thanks.


shouldnt he look more sticklike? he looks alot like a gingerbread man

shouldnt he look more sticklike? he looks alot like a gingerbread man

Yea, go for it! stickfigure deathmatch!

This is a good way to learn animation.

I agree that your stickman looks like Gus, the GBM (GingerBreadMan) ;). You could have a look at Nozzy’s thin guy for inspiration (or use him as is?).

Enjoy and keep us updated!

I’m going to keep it like it is, (modelled in the likeness of Gus), but thank you for your comments. Keep in mind, though you may think it doesn’t look as good because it looks like something else, a non-blender user will think it is wonderful. :smiley:
Anyways, here is the Red Guy that will be killed in a creative and spectacular manner:
Enjoy, and as always, C&C weclome!

Ok, sorry about not posting in a while (for anyone who happens to care, haha), but i’ve finally finished all the modelling, including the gun, and all of the office accessories.

If you want me to a picture of the gun, I will, and btw, all the rigging is finally done! On to animating it!

EDIT: got the blue guy to walk down the hall so far…

Animating is so much fun ! Gotta hate rigging though >_< so tedious.

Have fun! And it’s looking good so far btw ^^

It looks like it’s going to be very cool. I just tried my hand at rigging (body, hand, arm, shoulder, head) and it’s not too difficult. Though it can take a long time if you don’t know what you’re doing. You honestly shouldn’t need any more than 5 or 6 bones for each figure. Also, yes, I should make them less gingerbread like. Good luck!