New Story


I finished rendering and editing a mov.
This is a part of new project.
It’s no sound, 320240 pixel 12.4MB large, QuickTime mov.
This time, I’m making 720
480 size on original.


– Shige

Hey Shige… long time since I’ve seen your post…

Anyways… for some reason your link won’t work for me, so I grabbed the .mov file straight from here…

Glad to see you back, I’ve been out of Blender for awhile, but hope to be coming back full speed…


Hi SysAdm, :slight_smile:

sorry for inconvenient.
please download it directly from

is this link OK?(I can’t check this from inside the LAN)

– Shige

I have QuickTime 6.5 and I get an error message…

“The required compressor could not be found”

I even did a web update and still nothing…


something strange :frowning:
I made avi file(divx) in mov folder.

file name is Scene0002a.avi
how about this?

– Shige

Thanks for the avi, I got the same error.

This is a nice movie, some crits:

Movement of the character is jerky
His hair is plastic

The snow looks very nice
Flight of the bird was well done

ah… nice to see new story is developing… even tho I never saw the final version of the last one either :slight_smile: but… always good to know blender is in good use.

about the animation…
walkcycle needs LOT of work. he doesn’t bounce, and while he advances, there is just “jump”. he kind of slides back and jumps ahead. it looks very strange.
also, you need more movements, you have parts where camera rotates from the guy to the bird and pans … the character is standing in a static pose… it looks like he is a statue, not a living creature.
also materials look a bit plastic like. especially on the hair.

bird and snow was very good. also, the breaking of the snow… where he falls in… that’s very nicely done.


Good to see you back at it Shige.

Everything has been said above, so I’m not going to repeat it.

The snow breaking away was done exceptionally well.