New Studio

Hey all… I’ve been gone for a looooong time. I’m gonna start posting some stuff I did while I was away. This is a model I did of my Recording Studio for a fly-through animation which I’ll post later. Post-processed in PhotoImpact.

waaaay too much grain on this piece. maybe could you could post a pic with less Post-processing.

that said, I really like the modelling and lighting on it :). It does a good job captureing the feeling of a room. Lots of nice little bevels all over the place
Textures look good too but its a little hard to tell through the grain.
one really minor nitpick is that the part of the chair under the armrest doesn’t seem to have any thickness.

really nice work!

Yeah… when I did this I wasn’t really familiar with PhotoImpact and had to use “presets”. That was the least grain. I know that’s no excuse. “I’m so ashamed.” I’ll see if I can find the original Blender pic.