New Stuff

its been a while since i’ve rendered and uploaded any anims, soooo…

here they are!


Camera Tracking


no crits?..

I like the camera tracking anim. What tracking technique did you use?

I’m sorry, the ocean one looks more like mercury.

yeah, youtube ruined the quality of the ocean one…

and, i used Voodoo. does the 3D look like it blends in with the real life?

I guess maybe you should look more on your stuff before you upload, since asking for feedback after every single step takes time on both sides. The ape has a nice shadown, but it’s just Suzanne with a very bad shader. The ocean doesn’t look like ocean. And I think It might be caused by the material too.

i’m not asking about the shader oon the monkey, but whether or not you guys think it blends. i tried my best with the lighting, but for some reason, i couldn’t get it to match the shadows in the background…
as with the ocean, it looks alot better than what it looks like on youtube.
maybe i should upload it to vimeo…

high rez ocean version:

but, its still kinda low qual…

Hey Zymn,

The Ocean still isnt looking right, The waves are a little exaggerated and they dont seem to collapse… Also the lighting might need some work… and the texturing.

Camera tracking is okay, I would say that Suzanne is poorly textured and that the lighting is slightly off… But good try :stuck_out_tongue:


heh, well, thanks!

i might try making an animated motion tracking…