new stylized character

Hey everyone, I created this mesh last night of a stylized character themed for either a game or animation. I’ve yet to add any clothing/armor because I havent quite figured that part out yet, I just wanted to get the mesh into the hard drive before I forgot haha. Heres where Im at right now…

I rigged him and gave a few basic poses to give him some personality. Im thinking maybe a stylized pirate of some genre or could go with steampunk. cool hat with goggles sitting on the rim, maybe some suspenders with a rough looking button down shirt tucked in to some patchwork jeans. Not sure if I want a younger character or older…ah the possibilities! I might end up making a few different characters from the same mesh. Let me know what you guys think, could use some input

How about you leave him blank - the way he is, and make it so that you can parent all manner of costumes / props onto him as a generic base to make new characters?