New sub-forum for Video Sequence Editor?

Hi all, I’ve been lurking here for years, occasionally posting, but mostly wishing I had more time to learn 3D modeling/animation. Well, I still don’t have much time for that, but I have finally made the plunge to using Blender’s VSE as my primary (possibly only) non-linear editor (NLE). I was a little unsure at first, but the darn thing is stable and speedy, especially using the new proxy features. It has matured to the point where it is better than any other open-source NLE out there (which, unfortunately, isn’t saying much). It seems to be relatively unknown and underrated; I would love to help encourage more adoption of this tool.

So … can we have a new sub-forum for the VSE? I might even be interested in helping to moderate, if that would be useful.

Rob Scott

An sub-forum for VSE would be a good idea.

I was looking for video editors for linux 64 bits. The program that is often mentioned is Cinelerra. At first sight that program looks great. But on my ubuntu 8.04 64bits Cinelerra is very very buggy.

The stupid thing is that I make animations with Blender. I also knew Blender had a video editor, still I went out searching for other Linux video editors.

Now I use Blender VSE, it works great.
It is my belief that Blender VSE is at this moment the only decent video editor for linux

SO, Blender VSE on linux diserves more attention, it is great