new subforum for GE ?


we have

Game Engine Support and Discussion
Questions and Discussion regarding the Blender Game Engine in Progress, Game Demos, and Finished Games
Post games and games in progress Engine Resources
Post tutorials, articles, and resources useful to other Game Engine users

what about asking the mods to have another one for

"GE builds , plugins , devolpment , and python programming "


or something , it is really confusing to dig in the wip subforum for builds and python resources etc

and python releated to GE is important as well

and this may grab the devlopers attention to devolope our GE , …


Good idea - especially for Python

Great Idea.

I’m not sure if this’d be right, but maybe a CS subforum since so many people are playing with CS.

I’d love to have a python subforum, and as for Crystal Space, well, I don’t use it, but it would probably be of great interest to those who do…

Great Idea.

I’m not sure if this’d be right, but maybe a CS subforum since so many people are playing with CS.

IMHO , a CS forum may have a blender subforum , but a blender forum may not have a CS subforum .

what i mean is , CS’s engine (which is too great also , and better than GE from some aspects , but yet harder ! ) depends on the free modelling features of blender etc …
but CS doesn’t widen the horizon of BGE .
but we really really need such

"GE builds , plugins , devolpment , and python programming "

we will become stronger with python , which means that we make great games also
and devlopers will be interested in the BGE more . :slight_smile:
~ Please guys :frowning: , don’t make a sterile discussion about the CS BGE , we have allready done comparson , and it is not the point here .
thanks .

good point 3d guru. Forget I said that. :ba:

Well we have the ge resources for some of those things in your list. And python has its own board, right? I think, never read it though.

GE builds are on ?

The challenge I see is how the title is named. We just need to plan ahead a little more.

Perhaps put something like this in the title, or the first lines in the first post:

python blend camera 3rd etc.

then when using google to search, it will find the threads easy enough.

BGE Python does not need to be in a different subsection. It’s a general component provided within the engine, and as such it should be more than adequately handled within the current forum structure.

Just because you can split something out into a different section, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all the resources within that area automatically improve. I think this stands true with python, in relation to the BGE.

However, a specific sub-section for GE development could turn out to be very beneficial in bringing the development and user communities closer together. That is; as long as the current developers agree to create and post some tutorials/resources that the rest of us can use, in order to make our own modifications somewhere down the line. Also, we as users should try to keep our usual crap out of that section.

Otherwise, that forum would probably be nothing more than Kansas posting about what he would like to see happen, along with all the other idiots yapping about “wouldn’t it be cool if it could do this” or “I need someone to implement this feature for me”. -> In other words: a whole lot of bullshit.

So, it’s something of a gamble either way, because it depends on so many different people - but I think it’s worth a try in this case.

I would like to see a subforum for “other game engines +Blender”.

We have lots of people who use other game engines that frequent the forums.
Ton and the Blender foundation really want to move in the direction of using blender to export to other game engines.

Have a nice sticky thread at the top “Exporters/importers for alternative game engines”, and “Post your pipeline” (no, I dont mean a pornographic thread)…

I dunno, once we start adding new threads, where dose it all end? I can think of quite a few things.
“BGE and AI”
“BGE simulation games”
“BGE RPG games”
“BGE First person games”
“BGE for Pornographic and adult amusement industries”
“BGE for rapid prototyping of anal probing devices for horses” (I guess we already have the off topic area for this sort of thing.)
"BGE for Mechanical and Architect visualization "

I’m not sure we really need 3d’s subforum suggestion, but these two are entirely neccessary

“BGE for Pornographic and adult amusement industries”
“BGE for rapid prototyping of anal probing devices for horses”

seriously though, I agree with Social’s point about “I want this” threads, only it already applies to the resources subforums and we still get a million tutorial requests in there despite that it is explicitly stated that you’re not supposed to post requests there; this sentence is hereby decreed to be the longest run-on in the history of today and I don’t really feel like using a period but I will. my point is that the subforum is a good idea, but I doubt there’s a lot we can do about all the requesting crap.

Mmph is correct. One reason new forums are added rarely is to prevent reducto ad absurdium developments like he suggests. That said, I have been considering requesting the addition of an External Engines forum, but I should tell you in advance that getting these three forums was like pulling teeth. Any questions related to Python programming for the GE can be posted to the Support forum, as can information about new builds, plugins, etc. That’s why this forum is called Support and Discussion.

One option might be to have another forum link, relating to the development of the actual GE, and point it directly to this…

Having a new forum on blenderartists directly might work just as well, as people would only need to be registered once to post etc.

I agree that a separate thread for development ( bug fixes, new features, and extensions like the video texture player ) might encourage more GE developers, and maybe even help bring together the existing GE developers.

Best regards…