New Sunbeams node

I made a quick little demo of the new Sunbeams node for the compositor.

Check it out here, it’s only about 4 minutes.

You can read about the node here:

And grab a Windows build here:

I have just the project for this. Thanks hype. Hope to post results soon.


So, this is just a tweaked Radial blur node? I get the exact same result using it, plus in both case you can’t animate it.

SolarLiner, radial blur doesn’t let you move the origin point outside the bounds of the image, which is a huge problem. Also, the falloff at the ends of the rays using directional blur is blocky and abrupt. Sunbeams is a nice, gradual falloff.

And yep, you can animate both. However, as you do not have factor inputs on the x/y values, you cannot plug in track data nodes, math nodes, etc… That’s a problem I’m hoping they fix soon.

Thanks so much for this tutorial. I was just trying to create some simple rays with Volumetrics, and oh my God was it taking forever! So the addition and your quick-but-thorough tutorial are both big helps.

I’m having a problem with the new Sun Beams Node, and I’m wondering if I should follow up with a Bug Report. Essentially, I’m getting a cursor-like box in the center of the beam (it’s most discernible when the center of the area is very, very bright:

Does anybody know of any solutions, and is a Bug Report advised?

I ran into that a bit on my demos, as well. I mentioned it on the development page, but sure, bug report is always useful. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I filed one yesterday: