New Super Mario RPG (recruting too)

New Super Mario RPG
‘Oh noes, not another fan game!’

Goal: Make a Mario rpg game with near 100% brand new ‘costum’ made ressources.

Game engine: RMXP

Just to be clear: English is not my first language, so there might be several mistakes in this presentation.

This is a first try for the title screen. It’s nothing final…


I’ve seen some Mario Rpg ‘fan games’ on the internet but nothing meaningful to me. As a huge fan myself, I’ve decided to create a new SMRPG. Just like New Super Mario Bros, I wanted to bring a new taste to it. Here’s a few screenshots to clarify my idea:

The cbs under construction

How this is made:

First of all, I ripped lots of textures from super Mario galaxy and sunshine. With some patience and 3D skills (in blender 3D), I can render charset automatically. I use 8x9 charset, and I use the pixelmovement script made by f0tz! The animations are really smooth and look great (in my opinion).

Why rmxp when it’s from 3D:

Because I don’t want program a 3D game. I know well rmxp, and it’s enough for what I want.

The plot:

(This is a basic story just like most of the Mario’s game)
Princess peach sends an invitation to Luigi and Mario for the shooting star festival. But the stars falling from the sky are black. Normal star makes pure heart wishes to come true, but black stars do the opposite. They bring the darkest wishes to come true. Seven of those stars fall on the world. One of them goes to Bowser, which becomes really powerful and captures the princess. Mario try’s to stop him, but he’s way too weak. By using a super spell Bowser try’s to give the final blow to Mario, but Luigi jump in front of is moustached brother. And he find himself transform into a Boo. Scared by is new shape, Luigi run away.
In his coma, Mario meets Rosalina. She explains to Mario that he must find the seven black stars to purify them.
A little bit later, the moustached plumber wakes up in the ruins on the Peach castle. By talking with the Toads, Mario realizes that there’s a lot of work to do. A little Toad tells him that he saw Boo Luigi running into the forest. And the game starts here!

The team (may change):

Boo Luigi
Baby Bowser

The World:
The stars will be placed in seven different locations

  • Goombas Forest
  • Dry Dry Desert
  • Yoshis Jungle
  • Frosty Mountains
  • Hot Volcano
  • In the ocean
  • Star haven

A few pimped songs:

A small first video:

I’m looking for people!

  • Blender artists! I think I’m in the right website? :eyebrowlift:
  • I badly need some modelers and some animators!
  • Any dude who want to help me with the story/game concept, or music is welcome!

This game is 100% open source, I’ll give all my sprites, tilset sets, musics, sounds, codes, blend files…

Please understand: this a new project there’s much much more to be done. And I know it.


First of this is in the wrong section, but I’d be willing to help with the storyline and some coding. I’m not that experienced in modeling so I won’t try

Cool. Nobody else is interested?

Looking good, although the fighting scene is almost like a top down view. It’s titled too far, make it like the rest!

Yeah, you’re right. It’s an old screenshot, I did the modification a while ago. But thanks!

It might help by placing it in the right section… (Just gonna through it out there) also are you planning on doing all of this internally to blender?

Most of the graphics are made with blender, but I have a few spriters working with me for item images, skills effect etc…
Can I change the section myself? And if so, which is the right section?

I believe Mario may be a Trademark character owned by Nintendo. It is never a good idea to use a company’s trademarks as they are required by law to protect them. If you are lucky it will just be in the form of a cease and desist order.

Lol if nintendo take time to deal with free fan games they seriously have a problem. I wont make a cent, and all I do is promoting nintendo in my own way.

it would be illegal to make money from it :slight_smile:

A quick Google search did reveal that Mario is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo. There are almost no legal exceptions that would allow the use of trademarks without permission. Free has nothing to do with it, improper use is not allowed and will probably get you slapped with some legal action.

Looks very cool so far. I won’t be able to contribute, but I would LOVE to be able to play with the character models (keep that in mind :wink: ) - Mario is my (and my son’s) all time favorite game character.

Re: legal action - I’ve seen number of free games starring Mario that are being freely distributed on the web, so I don’t think there will be any kind of problem (by making free games, you are actually making free advertisement for the character and it is more likely for Nintendo to have some profit eventually… of course, this argument might not hold in the court of law :wink:

Anyway, good luck with your project, I would really like to be play this game. I’ll keep close watch!

yeah… I mean go to newgrounds theres tons of mario flash stuff… and I bet that some of the creators recieved payment from their sponsor

Great idea! I love mario and have always been a faithful fan of it. How cool it would be to remake a game in 2d, just like the oldies except with much more content. But this is great!

This is the old excuse by people trying to justify why it’s ok to use others peoples creativity and trademarks. Maybe Nintendo don’t want their brand protrayed in a particular way. I wouldn’t think Nintendo would appreciate the free publicity of a game featuring Mario as some kind of psychotic killer or with visuals a five year old would be ashamed to have drawn. If you don’t own or have permission to use something, have the courtesy not to use it.

Agreed. From a small person like me, I did blender for others for free, in the hope of publicity. End of the day, I figured out, I don’t do it for publicity, I do it for me. I don’t it for Nintendo. I don’t do it for Mario.

I do this game for me. The major goal of this game is to learn and its pretty much it. Just like someone who takes time to make a 3D model of his favorite character, he don’t own anything about it, but who cares, he does this to learn, to share and to have fun and in my ethic it’s perfectly fine, because of the intention behind the action. I understand your opinion about compagnies right, and all that legal stuff. But I think you guys are not seeing what this game is all about.

I am skilled in using many programs for animating and modeling. I am also willing to help with a story line. I think this is awesome and I wish to be a part of it. please reply if you accept.