New superb terrain creation tool - GAEA (has free version)

Anyone looking to play with next generation terrain creation should check out Gaea. Its UI, design and way of working are really slick and future facing, imo.

Full disclosure - I got the from the recent “overlooked tools” thread but its so useful I thought it deserved its own thread.


This intro video shows how quick it is to get going.

Looks interesting – I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the links.

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Trying this , is there no way of exporting as mesh , is this just for making pictures ?



I can find the Png , raw etc export but not the ,mesh, point clouds

I have no clue, I pulled that off of their website. I haven’t tried it.

You can export as mesh! Use the “Mesher” output node and hook the output of the last node in your chain up to it.

Its easy enough to use the output height map with a displace modifier or displacement node input in cycles too, though. Lemme know if you have trouble. Its not without bugs currently but its still in early access and has a very ambitious team behind it.

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It’s out of early access now. Still some bugs they’re working out, but it’s grown a lot.

I’ve used it here and there on some projects for a while now, and it’s pretty easy to get used to, especially now that it’s much faster than it used to be. I wouldn’t say it’s quite ready for prime time yet, but it’s very close.

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