new symmetrize mesh tool was added, ?

is this new tool use for the dynatopo tool?
or what is it ?


It’s working in Edit Mode , according to the origin point location (for the center of the symmetry).

-select your model or the part of it you want to symmetrise
-click on Mesh -> Symmetrise
-then press F6 or look into the Toolshelf operator tab to change the direction of the symmetry you want.

The Dyntopo version works similarly but in Sculpt mode and affect the whole sculpt, but it needs Dyntopo it does not exist in non-Dyntopo builds currently (hopefully Dyntopo will soon be merged), and needs dynamic topology button to be enabled.

ok i can see it now
this was not shown in the Wiki page!

might be something to think about when in need of symetry!


I discovered that tool by accident recently, this is an example of the tool in action.

nice new tool
instead of using the mirror as often i will use that one !