New System Woes

I built a new system today. The motherboard is an Asus AN8 SLI and the processor is an AMD 3700+. I’m using two Maxtor harddrives, one 160gb and one 60gb. I’m using 1gb of DDR ram. The video card is a Radeon 850X. I got a new case and powersupply.

The problem is, when I boot to Windows, the Windows loading screen flashes for a splitsecond before the system reboots. That means no Windows. Linux boots, but I haven’t been able to figure out what’s up with the Windows problem.

Any suggestions?

I had that symptom last year, and it was because Windows wasn’t happy about my two sticks of RAM running at 400MHz. Take a look at this thread and see if anything in there helps you. Unfortunately for me, I was never able to find a complete solution to this problem, so I am still unable to run my RAM at full speed.

Nevermind, I was able to fix it with a repair installation.
Thanks anyway.

That… is a HELL of a rig. Congrats :slight_smile:

Hehe thanks :wink:

I was running CS:Source at 150fps with maxed out details… until it crashed. Now, I notice that every progam is crashing. EVERY program. Even Windows, if I leave it copying files will give the BSOD and reboot.

I’m booting into safe mode and deleting every hardware driver/software I can find right now to see if it not just old hardware stuff mssing up the new.
If that doesn’t help, I’m doing a total reinstall of WinXP.

valarking i know you have already fixed it. but with me i had similar probs.

i went from an Intel P4 to an AMD 64. my windows install did exactly what yours has done, not even a repair install helped.

ended up installing again on a new partition and copying all my stuff over from the old one.

is a nice rig, you got a similar mobo (gigabyte K8N SLI here) faster proc, but 1.2 the ram. so all up i think they are comparable price computers.



Well I’m installing Windows on a seperate empty 30gb HD I have laying around and I’m going to test some games on it to make sure that it’s just software problems before I wipe over my existing installation. Seems to be working fine so far except no sound. :expressionless: Trying to figure out why sound is not working… I tried installing drivers but no luck. The sound drivers worked before I reinstalled…

Well, I got the sound working, but the computer is unstable. I tried running Doom3 and other games on it and it always crashes to desktop within about 2 minutes.
I’m THIS CLOSE to taking it all back and just purchasing a new PSU for my old system (it died from a bad PSU). Too bad… I really did like having a decent computer…

I reckon there might be a problem with the video card, try switching it with another model (if you have one) and see what happens.

I don’t have any other PCI-Express cards, but I was thinking about returning the card and buying one from Best Buy. The only thing is that I won’t be getting the great deal on the card so I’m going to basically have to settle with an inferior card with that path.

thats real weird.

latest drivers for everything?

my system is soooo comparible, except for the vid card, yours is more expensive than mine. (6600 nvidia)

i am suprised that is being such a pain.


Hit f8 until windows asks about safe mode…there should be an option to boot normally but to disable automatic rebooting. Then write down the errors.

You may need to do a chkdsk from your windows boot CD. Also your maxtor disks may be fried, I’ve never had a maxtor drive that’s lasted longer than 1-2 years.

Edit: just read the rest of the thread. Is D3 etc running on that 30gb disk? Are the two maxtor’s even plugged in? You may want to run without the other maxtors just to make sure.

i have never had any probs with maxtor hdd’s. work has 3 of them and no problems yet (knock on wood). try getting the latest bios for the mobo and drivers.
i hope its not a motherboard problem, i just bought that one to house a 3200+, which with any luck should run at 2.6+ghz

valarking, if you get it working try and overclock that chip. its got a bigger l2 so it should have better preformance.

get speedfan and check that nothing is overheating, crashes usually mean that something is, although they are usually system crashes. check your ram with memtest86. that should tell you if you have bad ram. other than that im out of ideas

Well, I took it ALL back to the store and got a new PSU for my old pc as well as 256mb more RAM (now I have 512mb :() and a Geforce 6600 AGP. Runs games alright and doesn’t fuck up as much. Oh well, maybe I’ll try when I can get more money for maybe higher level components saved up.

Everything’s fine with a fresh WinXP installation on the old HD except sometimes the computer beeps alot (the internal beep thingy) and mucks up my keyboard entry from time to time. Hmm…

valarking it sounds like you had a bad component. a doa part.
i would have returned it all and bought the same parts again.