NEW! Ten Blender video tutorials.

Blender video tutorials
Hi there! I am Dimitris Christou (GR8!) and I’ve been using Blender since the first days of 2007 (you can say that I am a Blender noob) but I have used Cinema 4D for lots of years now. I am currently trying to learn Blender and I have to admit that Blender is sweet! I’ve recently published my web site at:
If you visit my website (and take a look at the FREE4ALL section) you will find out that you can find 10 (downloadable!) video tutorials for Blender! These videotutorials took me a long time to complete (since English is not my native language) but I finally made them! Download them and be prepared for some poor and bad English (but thanks to the video you might get something out of them).
A bit of info: If you get any of these tutorials you’ll hear me going ’ Hi there this is Dimitris Christou’ -hick sound- ‘and we are going to see…’ here is why this hick sound is there: I’ve registered a domain name and made the tutorials. A month after registering the domain my host company told me that the domain wasn’t available!!! So the hick sound is where I am calling my ‘unavailable’ old domains name. I’ll also have to say that these videotutorials were recorded at a higher resolution but had to be scaled down a little in order to put the new domain tab and compress them again for a good file size (I couldn’t re-record them as it was a painful almost one month work for me). If you don’t like the quality don’t blame me! Also on one of the video tutorials (the fluidani one) the video turns into a black screen by the end of the videotutorial (it’s good that by the time it turns black the tutorial is finished) but I hope I’ll find the original (had to compress them twice see above) fix it and upload it.
Well… just go and get them :smiley:

I’ve posted this at the tutorials section but I want these tutorials to be downloaded and seen by lots and lots of Blender users (Video tutorials have helped me while trying to learn Blender (even the Arabic ones were actually pretty good and helping!). And I remember how happy I was to find and download new Blender videotutorials.:yes:

Nice tutorials you got there! And nice looking gallery too. No offense, but site layout seems quite cluttered thou…

It’s always nice to see new video tutorial makers as I think that seeing and hearing at the same time is the best way to learn just about anything… that’s just what these video tutorials do. And don’t worry about your English.

Noticed same kind of black screen in the light dome tutorial too, video is black from 3 to 4 minutes mark.

@ S-T-S
The layout is a bit messy it’s true… Never used NetobjectsFusion before. About the videos: I’m really mad :mad: about what happened to the videos (damn you host!). I’ll try to find them (hope I still have the originals) fix them and upload them again (hope I won’t have to upload the whole site, it took me 12 hours to publish it). Thanx for the feedback! Most of the images in my gallery are C4D made stuff, but you’ll see more Blender stuff in the future.
The rest of the videotutorials are OK?

congrats on your page :slight_smile: It’s gr8! to see that you dedicated time and resources and I can relate a little as I too am a “former” C4D user. My nick on c4dcafe was “seanix” but I got banned for expressing disappointment with the latest release.

Thank God for blender!!
I’ll be interested to see what you come up with (using blender) and wish you good luck with your new project :slight_smile:
Btw, your gallery is top notch!

Hey Dimitris,

I just finished watching 2 of your tutorials and they are GR8!!! They are so well organized and your English is very good, by the way. Thank you so much.
If I could make a suggestion for you site. If you were to put some advertising on it, people could click to pay you for your work as well as donate. Just a thought.


Nice work with your tuts gr8. I can use these to learn some quick and useful skills. thnks :slight_smile:

I think your site is cool. I like the fact that you are explaining contemporary features of Blender on Video.

Your site, design wise: I had no problem navigating it and it wasn’t too hard on the eyes, I’m sure kids, especially gamers would dig it.

I’ve seen sites from “experienced” web devs where the code sucks, design sucks and the home page sucks. Your site definitely do not suck.

Looks like you are using web safe colors, maybe server-side scripts(NetObjects may have em), browsers shouldn’t have to strain too hard to load the animations.

Good job on the tuts, I’m a vid tut junky.

The fluid and lightdome tutorials are fixed and ready to be downloaded! Thank you all for your feedback and comments (without you I wouldn’t knew that two of my videotutorials had video problems).
P.S. I love videotutorials too! I have one DVD full of Blender videotutorials. I would really like my videotutorials to be downloaded by all the fellow Blenderheads. Is there a way to include my websites videotutorials link at the blendernations news page? Mods? Anyone?
About Cinema 4D. I think it is a great pice of software,but the core version (the version I have and use) sould have more tools (example: no DOF for 9.6 core while Cinema 4D 5(!) GO! had DOF).The things I miss while working and trying to learn Blender are:
1)Oranising and grouping objects and materials (C4D’s object manager is THE 3D tool).
2)Being able to work while rendering (C4D is rock stable and you can actually do lots of things when Cinema renders your scene)
3)Copying and Pasting objects and materials on one or more scenes (files).
I’ll have to admit that I love Blender! :o
Special thanks to Ton and the team. :yes:

I loved your tutorials, so well thought out, so easy to understand and I do believe that any newbie can just watch these tuts and get going with some basic stuff no problems. Great work.

I would like to link to your site from mine if that be ok with you once I get mine up and running. Also if you need a mirror site just let me know. These are wonderfully simple!

@grafixsuz sorry for taking too much time to reply but my PC had a serious virus problem and I had to format my HD. I would really like you to comment on my other free stuff (cg clips, free music tracks, images, models etc). It is OK to link to my site when you’ll have your site ready. If I need a mirror site I will let you know. Thanx!

None of the tutorials came up for me. Clicking on the rotating letters does nothing.:confused:

You have to click on the go to free stuff box and at the next page at the videotutorials or go straight to:
Right click on the tutorials thumbnails (images) and select save as to download the videos to your HD. Enjoy!

You gave alot of time to the Blender community, helping Open Source. But the commercial 3d companies may get mad…

downloading tutorials now, some good stuff there I haven’t had much experience with, thanks for using your time to make those :smiley:

Here’s a direct link to the tutorials as the navigation is a bit confusing.

Is it :o ? I might have to re-design the whole thing…

gr8!, please don’t take any of this negatively, but I suggest that you study some web design principles and web page anatomy before designing new web pages. There are researches concerning web usability and they show that usually pages that need to be “learned” are annoying to people. Also too many moving and/or flashing objects are considered to be distracting, people don’t know where to look and where to click.

For example take a look at Ryan Adams (the singer) web pages (at this time there is that space ship theme) I find them just horrible and utterly distracting for real use. Surely you can use artistic approach for your web pages but you might want them to be good both content and consistent wise.

For starters here is great looking articles concerning web designing,

Here is short checklist that you might consider checking before starting to design

Yeah, but web designing isn’t that horrible, there are just some basic things that need to be undestood first… Enjoy learning new things and making your portfolio for all to see :slight_smile:

Well done tutorials. I have been blending for a few years and understand how time can be saved by watching video tutorials to learn. I think you are doing a great job and a vast service to fellow blenderheads.


Yes thank you for such great tutorials. Do you know the new walk system? It would be great to have you demonstrate that on video. I’ve notice people asking questions about the new walk system on the animation forum, as I have been trying to figure it out as well.

Again thanks,


some very nice video tutorials, thanks :slight_smile: