New test hair particles and guidelines.Test Blend incl. help

edit seems to be a difficult question…as nobody can help me?
edit 2 at the end you can see new tests… any help , hints?


I just learned to work with particles and the new hair ‘system’ in blender (though it is still 2.40RC, release candidate). I used the meadia wiki guide.
I’ve been playing around with guidelines, max distance, min distance, etc. for several hours.

I’m trying to make a descent long haircut, but I do not seem to succeed in that. I can’t seem to get the curves following the whole head around, because the max distance/min distance always leave bald places and the always interfere with each other.

I really hope somebody advanced can help me.
All I want is a nice long haircut… Please have a look at the renders below:

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Can you post the blend or send it to ([email protected]).


Also, get this video tute:

(it’s 17MB)

try current cvs - Ton just posted a bug fix where the first two verts of a hair guide gave issues. Not sure if that is your problem, but might be.


Here is a practise blend file… you can use it to try the hair features and make a good haircut…

(Ofcourse I only left the essential part of my model)

There is a problem with the 2 seperate locks of hair not lining up (if you look at their ends straight on) that has more to do with the way you constructed the double emitter mesh than how the Curve Guids deal with the strands. A better plot is to make the scalp a Vertex Group and use Weight Painting to define emission Velocity (fill in the name of the Vertex Group at the bottom-left of the Particles tab).


Thanks Fligh %, I’m currently at work so I’l have a look when I’m home.

With Vertex Group and 1 Curve Guide:


Hey Fligh %, I had a look… I’ll give it a try messing around with vertex groups.

The test blend does not show the whole picture yet… I need to get around the whole head… So, I suppose I have to create separate vertex groups on the mesh in small pieces and assign a guigeline to each part…

At the moment I can not try it (need to go now) nut I’m eager to experiment.


Here is my next attempt:

4 curve guides, 2 meshes left scalp, right scalp.
I still get frizzling hair on top…

Any good hints to make it perfect?