New text tools Maya and Max

Looking very good - they were way behind in this (small) regard. I actually really like Blender’s text tools, but some things, such as custom bevel shapes, take too much time, and are very finicky to setup.

And I wish we had more control over letter/word animation in Blender - currently we cannot animate individual letters at all and we are forced to convert to a mesh, and painstakingly create separated objects (unless I am missing something).

Maya’s and Max’s text selection tools look great. I wish we could do that in Blender. Completely non-destructive and fully animate-able on a character level. Same as in the other big one: Cinema4D.

Blender is almost there:

  • add animate-able characters and words (just characters would already suffice) which are available in the timeline and time curves. Allow the user to select and transform single characters and words.
  • add a simple to use custom bevel curve option in the text properties.
  • open up the text tool generated characters to particle systems and the rest of Blender’s modifiers, and such. Currently the text tool is almost completely separated from these. Check out the Maya video how letters are combined with a particle system. Also check out Cinema4D.
  • a way to uv unwrap text, and curve based objects in Blender. UV Unwrap Modifier like Max, perhaps?

Just check out how the guy below hooks up Maya’s new text tool to its particles. And the text remains editable throughout!

According to Maxon users, they think that Autodesk is taking full advantage of the substandard R17 release in an effort to whisk away a massive chunk of their userbase and ultimately lead to the end of the line for Cinema4D.

The good news for Autodesk users at least, the company is making a serious effort to develop Maya and Max according to user feedback. The only caveat is that the software is now even more expensive than it used to be with the rental-only model, which benefits studios, but not so much individuals.