new Textur Animation Script

(Doc Holiday) #1

Hello Blenderheads
I finished my new TileTex 5in1 Script. It can realize cinematic Animations on Blender 2.23 and higher. It contains 5 Animation Modes in one Script. You can steer it simply by Propertys and Logic Bricks. Get the Demo(n)file on my WebPage and tell me what You think.

Cu, Doc

(saluk) #2

Very nice! It’s much better than my old teture anim script, lots of flexibility as well.

Great tool for the community, keep up the good work.

(S_W) #3

Wow, a lot of different modes! Keep your great work up! :stuck_out_tongue:

Und so was von nem Franken! (Net das ich aus der Oberpfalz käm oder so… :wink: )

(OTO) #4

Yes, it looks great.
But i need time to explore it.
Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


(Torque) #5

Great stuff,

Have you tried it with Infinity Textures yet ? seemless tileable animations

(wiensta) #6

its great!


all we need now is a program to convert image sequences and .avis into anim texs!!

(Torque) #7

What ? a bit like this you mean ?

(Doc Holiday) #8

Also, You can use the Freeware ‘Irfanview’ ( ). With this tiny Tool, You can extract the Frames from Avi’s; Gif’s and Cursors. But remember: Your Result-Image should not be larger than 512x512 Pixels.


Ja genau! Ich sollte meinen Nick in ‘Ofr-Subäbräin’ ändern. :smiley:

(S_W) #9

Hehe, gut frrrängisch! :wink:

(doogs) #10


Your work is astounding, I’d love to be able to chat with you and pick your brains to see how you did lots of this work. If you ever have time, log into openprojects and join #gameblender i’d really like to chat :slight_smile:

take care

(Ben) #11

Very,very nice.A very useful script.

(Doc Holiday) #12

What do You think about the handling? I mean: Just adding Propertys if needed. I was not sure, if it wasn’t to confusingly. :-? If it’s OK, i’ll use this Method for future Stuff.

I’m just downloading i-Textures now. Looking cool. I try that.

(Ben) #13

-It’s very simple to use by addidng props.Keep on this way

(wiensta) #14

i mean software that makes a large tiled image of every frame.

i have irfanview (i love it!) and i didnt realise the new version was out; cos the website was down so much!

avlan design software: what am i looking for here, all it seems to do is make gifs, not animtexs…

(Torque) #15

I’m just downloading i-Textures now. Looking cool. I try that.[/quote]

Get the latest vesion 2.4 from the news section of the forum

Look under Tools/Animation Recorder

By the way, i thought the solar flare looked exellent, that must have taken some work to achieve, i remember you wrote about working on it quite some time ago, well done!!!

I use the seperate JPEG frames from the I-Tex AVI`s with a mesh swapping script to produce real time animations (avlan design).

Would you like a copy of the script , all you need to do is replace the frames in the textures folder.

I think the script was written by 3D Jones, i knew i`d find a use for it one day, He produced it when the Animated frames were no longer available in Blender but it also can be used to animate more complex meshs.

  keep up the good work,

(Torque) #16

It makes seperate frames JPEG. or BMP. that can be used either with the above script or with Blenders Animated textures or with the Mesh swapping script that i will send to you, just drop your own Numbered frames into the Textures Folder, mine was done with I-Tex and then the AVI seperated into JPEG frames with AVD Video Processor,
(although Free programs will probably do this as well)

(wiseman303) #17

That’s a really great script Doc! :smiley:
It works wonderfully, and is very user-friendly.
Nice textures too. Did you make them in PhotoShop?

Two suggestions:

  1. For the one that animates only part of the mesh, give the mesh a material, then give all the quad faces another material. Now the script will always run on the triangle faces only. Is this the type of control you wished for?
  2. Math is not my best subject, so I could be wrong here, but I think you could get these results without needing to import the math module.

(Doc Holiday) #18

Thank You Guy’s for all Your Response. (I never had a burning Folder! :D) I am very happy, that You like my Script and i hope it will be used in some cool Games.

I tried the Material-Trick You told. But it do not work with my Publisher. I get the same FX as with a NoMat Mesh. :frowning:

p.s. The Textures are extracted from animated Gif’s i found somewhere in the Web. That’s a good Source. :wink: