New Texture Baking Denoising add-on

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Please take a look at my Addon it have Texture Baking Denoising and many other features.�-(-)

This was not easy to implement, more info:

If you need another baking related feature, please let me know.

Its great, but from Blender Open source it must be free implemented as master not sale-based addon.

Odilkhan Yakubov well, just like every good add-on.

There are a lot of great add-ons on the Blender Market and all the ones I have been using are far better maintained and further developed than the ones which are shipped with Blender.

There are clearly pros and cons.

Contributing to C/C++ part of Blender aren’t trivial.
And developers do not feed on air or live in utopias free of taxes.

By the way, the add-on is cheap, you get good results with few samples, depending, it’s more cheap than the time and the electric energy you spend to get textures with low noise.

You are right.
Also, many paid add-on developers donate to Blender Foundation, I already donated too. Good software are made by good developers.

You are allowed to sell Blender if you have the balls & guts for it
but such envy/anger/despair/greed is mainly just because of the hungry eyes, hurt ego… greener grass on the other side.

Get experienced and you’ll realize what value really is & What do you value?!?

Now let’s end the off topic or move to separate thread!

You are all right, but this cheap stuff can’t buy from my country. There are a few reasons for what is it can’t be buy?
Ok. The best thing what can I do is wait the free stuff included inside Blender itself.
Sorry, if I disturb you guys.

I’m very surprised!
It should be enabled in all countries! I’ll contact the Gumroad support right now!
Actually the manly reason to be in Gumroad, is to support many countries.

No problem.


I guess it’s a PayPal issue. I’m doing some research about what can I do.


I’ve sent you a PM, please contact the support email i’ve sent if you need any help.

Also, sorry for the off-topic.

Open source? Yes, it must be open source.
For sale? Perfectly fine. There’s no problem with charging money (of any amount) for your Blender add-on, provided that you comply with the GPL.

See the Blender FAQ:

If you share or publish Python scripts – if they use the Blender API calls – have to be made available compliant to the GNU GPL as well.

Hey mate! There is no problem which he or we can sale any our addon on the internet, the problem aimed with unsupported country of the payment system in my country which you cant understand and we have a lot of problems with payment system.
Btw: sorry for offtopics. Dont want to disturb you all guys.

Oh yeah, I’ve read carefully the GPLv3 license and their FAQ before starting selling to make it compliant, because the implementation was first made without Blender, at the begin it was just a python CLI tool (not even Blender render denoising was implemented at this point), It became a add-on before.

Yes, I’m looking for some workaround, there’s even some countries that doesn’t have net neutrality and block internet stuff.

Of course you can sell your Plugins. But you shouldn’t expect to get rich with it, because everyone who has your plugin is free to upload it everywhere. You might find your Plugin on Github and everyone might download it for free there and it’s fine. You can do nothing against it.

Yes, I’m not getting rich with a $9.95 Blender Add-on.

Development is more than source-code, this value is very important to maintain support for the Batch Bake users.
And the Texture Tool (the texture denoiser) is not an add-on and it’s not linked, it’s a stand-alone software and can be used without Blender too, like an external render engine.
I have contributed to some open source projects on GitHub, but Texture Tool can’t be posted on GitHub.

I understand that for some people is hard to buy software or other goods (look, I can’t use the $125/month Unity Pro or Photoshop). That’s why I offered it for free to Odilkhan Yakubov, and is one of the reasons why it is so cheap.

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