New texture not working after separating object into two objects

New here. Thanks for having me.

I made a character and decided to later separate the head from the body so that I could texture them differently. After hitting P - Separate by selection, I then went to UV Editing, marked seams and unwrapped the head, and then brought in the texture made in Photoshop. I also went to Shading to make sure the node was connected with the image.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but the head is still purple.

Any ideas?


In the image editor the head texture’s name ends with “Head.psd”, in the image texture node the name ends with “Head.psd.001”.
In the node editor reload your Image using the folder icon (in the image texture node) and choose its correct name/location.
Edit Or with the image icon of your texture node choose the head Image.

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Awesome! Thank you! It worked!

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