New texture pack (update 7) *July 5, 2008 (old file fixed)

Hello all, A new texture pack now available. Includes painted textures. More will be added at the next update.

  • File is 27Mb
  • Zip Format
  • Well worth the download

Contributing Artists:

  • Dim
  • Túrin Turambar
  • Yournamehere

If the button doesn’t work…

128x128 texture pack

Sorry, only one mirror:
128x128 texture pack (Savefile)


it didnt work…i downloaded it and everything.but alot of them i had to skip file because they didnt work.

I’ll get on top of that.

(edit: the link works fine, the file is only 560 Kb. It only takes a few seconds.)

i no the link is just fine…but the folder is messed up or somthing

lilgrudge, could you please explain the problem because, I can’t necessarily fix it unless I know what’s going on. Describe what you see.

is it allright if i add to your texture pack?

here is my problem
it does this for all of them


LilGrudgeBoy: Use a different folder name, like “Doodle” or something else that doesn’t even remind the file names.
YNH: Somewhere I read that .jpg files hide some little details for sake of file size and that .png is the best format for textures. Is that true?

Wunderlust: yes, it is great if you add textures of your own, put all the textures you wish to put in, but if it’s tile textures (like your vendara building textures) make sure they are separate images for easier customization.

Moshanator: yes, I believe that is true; however, only when the file exceeds a certain limit. 128x128 is such a small file size, so, not much detail will be lost.

lilgrudge, Moshanator’s advice should suffice. ( cool, I’m a poet and didn’t know it.)

Allright, I’ve got a few box textures i just made, they look great in a FPS or sci-fi game :cool:.

Also, if anyone has any requests for small 128 textures, just ask and i’ll see what i can do.


I’ll upload those with the latest texture file. Please, if anyone has any textures to share, please post them (it’s also easy to scale existing textures.) normally, you go to image and click scale image. Than choose 128x128, and you’ll have a correctly sized image. I’ll include some more in the texture pack.

Please post any crits you have about existing textures as they help me improve my skill greatly.


Your textures look very nice, they have a certain style. sort of cartoonish. I like the sand ripple one, and some of the grass ones. Very nice job, keep up the good work.

Thank you very much. I try; however, I still have much to learn. I will probably be loading an update very soon this week (again) with many more textures, including some of the previously shown textures with an emboss effect, for those games including more realism. I’ll include more folders such as: walls, skymaps(maybe), and many more reflective textures. Please enjoy and keep downloading this texture pack. I would love to see people using these in their own games.


Update; bump By the way, lilgrudge, did you ever get the file working?

Update 3: More Sc-ifi, and photorealistic textures included. Have fun.


Update 4: Some cloth textures added (some flags). Credit must be given. (I’m giving away allot of my textures because I’m going to retexture my portfolio game environment.)


uhh hi! great textures man! is it ok if we use some of these for our game?

that is what they are here for!!:stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: really?!?! :stuck_out_tongue: