new texture-scanning method

hi guys,
dunno if it´s THAT new to you like to me, but i´ve seen this

ans ask myself [and you] if this technic is usefull and adaptable with a normal digicam (contemporary model).
tell me your thoughts

ahm i can hear my echo in here

Probably they have developed software to combine the two images - but why not try it, maybe you will find something.

sounds very interesting. it would be great if a developer could make this feature in blender or gimp available. the paper about this method can be found here

and here are more paper of the same scientist:

so you take this pic and you use it as a relrection map or depth map

but it doesn ot give you a 3 D model
or is there a way to extract the 3 D omodel>


no, it is just an easy way to create a bump- or displacementmap

have seen this soft
you take an ordianry pic and make a nomral or bump map with it directly!
not certain if this cannot do the job faster ?