New textured Dreadlocks & Wheat

Version 2.02 of my Fiber Generator has been released with a new Auto UV feature. This allows you to quickly and easily texture the resulting fiber strands, even with transparency, spec, bump and hard maps!
New dreadlocks with textured color and alpha
Grass with a wheat texture

Download Fiber 2.02:

The official Elysiun Fiber thread:

  1. niceee!!!

Bingo!! :smiley:

Thanks! This is what I always hoped your script would eventually do! :smiley:

I can only say 2 things - WOW & Thanks


wow the wheat is fantastic! the dreas are really cool too… this is great

Eeshlo, Jandro and Ripsting are gods. I heard that somewhere I just included your name, I thought it was appropriate.


I have an idea.
The size of the duplicated objects can get from the texture of the parent object (like the displacement things).
This can be implementable into the duplivert thing.

(I hope you can understand my bad english.)

:o Awesome stuff!

Incredible! :o Thanks RipSting.
Now I see a way to make ferns…


WOW :o :o :o

Fantastic job Ripsting !!!

Can’t wait to try it :smiley:




alright, correct me please if I’m wrong… but I just have to say this now :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking at these preview/tests of fiber2, and I must say that I haven’t really liked any of those hairs. this textured dreadlock is… ok, nicely textured, but I wouldn’t even want to have dreadlocks that look like that :wink:
most of the other type of hairs are very very thin. they look like me in couple of years (if I’m lucky) … also they have certain blockyness in them.

so… I ask, is this only because they are quick tests? the hair can be thicker?

also, how heavy is this? when you procude hair like that, how long does it take to render?

I don’t want to little anyones work here, and I know there could be many uses for this script… but for hair… I need more proof, and will be keeping wearing (red) hats until it gets thicker… :slight_smile:


Hehe, thats my quote – Looks like I may have to include ripsting in this too :wink:


This is wonderful, all these new additions are making Blender more and more of a force to be reckoned with…

Thank you.

this is realy nice I think I could use it for some of my work

Thank you!