New "The Last Outpost" material

(SKPjason) #1

Hiya folks… I’d like some opinions if you wouldn’t mind…

I’m posting the minute-long main title sequence from my film “The Last Outpost” - (it’s a 1 meg highly compressed windows media file)

I’m not concerned with the visuals at this point… I’d like your opinion on the music which accompanies the credits…

Because of the nature of the film (linear editing-style with non-linear storytelling) the music is acting as a very important “bridge” for the story…

Specifically I would like to know what feelings you associate with the title theme… What do you feel… What does it make you think… What type of story does it suggest…

Thanks for any opinion you share…

Keep in mind that this file is very highly compressed to make it an easy download… so I apologize for the quality… (a lot of the subtle music orchestrations are lost - but in the end I’m more interested in what you think of the “broad strokes.”)


Jason Saville
AUburn, New York USA Good Ol’ Earth

(acasto) #2

wow…looks great ! Is that all done on Blender?

(LohnS) #3


that was cool, i was ready for some CG goodness after that, great music. great presentation, all very well done. It gave a good idea of what the movie was going to be like, and gave it a verry proffecional tinge that makes the film in a sense.

(S68) #4

Very well done!


(BgDM) #5

Great work as always Jason! Can we get a higher res version of this as well? Ony sugestion would be to let the background images show a little more through the lightning effect. Seems to be hidden a little too much. Could be just the current compression though.

Really looking forward to this animation when completed.


(Goofster) #6


maybe you can explain to us how you made that iltra cool. text effect?
I’m thinking lattice deformation…

keep it up (the animation I mean…)


(SKPjason) #7

BgDM: The compression of this video kinda flattened out and blurred up the background… on the higher res version… the background stands out quite a bit… The background is a rotating starfield… floating in 3D space in front of that is two angle dplanes showing scenes from the film which float closer to the camera as the scene progresses… in front of that is the layer with the electrical effect… on the layer in front of that is the text effects…

Goofster… The text was done in this fashion… yes… lattices were used… on elefont generated text… I also animated the lens settings so that the pic widened out quickly… as the camera pushed in…


Thanks for the comments guys… I’m still curious about your feelings on the music… what it made you feel… what type of story it suggests in your mind…


(stephen2002) #8

to me, the music suggests that the moive is a sort of suspence/mystery thing.

The text effect is nice, the blending of the various video feeds is also quite nice.

(SKPjason) #9

Perhaps next week, if anyone’s still interested… I’ll post a higher resolution version… maybe I’ll even tack on the first minute of the film… lemme know if you think I’m wasting my time… :wink:

(BgDM) #10

Waisting your time? Are you nuts. We want to see the whole damned thing :wink:

Definitely give us a high res version.

By the way, I agree with stephen, the music seems to be better suited for a mystery/thriller mood. But I Like it!


(Goo) #11

Trust me when I say that even ten seconds of you film would be the highlight of the boards for a bit. Of course we’d love a higher res version with a whole minute of the film. You needn’t have even asked. We’re all just wishing that it was Fall already.


(jorx) #12

Awesome! I love the way you fade in scenes in the backround.

Music, though…I like that kind of music, but the kind that REALLY gives you senses, emotions, are kinda like the heavy orchestra. I’m not saying, nice orchestra, I’m saying, freaky ambient orchestra. Here’s a site with the kind of music I’m thinking of. (Freespace 2)
On this page, scroll down for “Mp3s” Ancients, and Ambience are good ones.

I just can’t figure out how to make textures offset like that. I mean, morph. I think I might have it, not sure yet…

(pofo) #13

Like it alot

Music feels like a high tech, high speed SF thriller. Like ‘The Matrix’ with less action and more story (and more science to complement the fiction).

  1. pofo

(SKPjason) #14

pofo… thanks very much for your comments… fascinating… I was very intruiged with your response… :smiley: Not that I’ll comment just yet (the release in August is just around the corner) - but your response was very interesting… :smiley:

Jorx… thanks for the links… Actually I appreciate your comments very much… and in fact… the style of music throughoutn the film will vary greatly… from orchestra to electric to rock to new age, etc. etc… The film encompasses many different “viewpoints” and each demands it’s own voice…

Goo… thank you… to quote Ton when he gets complimented… “you make me blush”… tho I daresay my crappy work will barely “light” up the boards… we’ll leave that to people like Lyubomir, ScottishPig, Weirdhat, etc.etc… :smiley:

Thanks again folks


(sten) #15

Very cool and professional !!

Looks great for intro,
would love to see the whole movie !!