New Theme

While browsing through the availible themes, I found that none of them were really what I wanted exactly, so I made my own. Indiglo is inspired by those little watches that light up a brilliant blue when you push the button. I liked that look, and tried to get the feel in a theme.

It’s basically a mix of the Dark-Focus and Oceanic themes, with a little bit of my own tossed in there for good measure. I don’t know if this is the right place for it, so if it’s not, then please move the topic.

Indiglo Theme


I’ve tried to post one, but for some reason the boards won’t display the image. Well, I’ll add a link to a screenshot.

[edit: there we go, small fix in the filepath required]

I like it, interesting, I would use it if it was the same, but dark red, some everything blue would be the equiavalent shade of red.

where do i find the theams

Hmmm… that might be doable, actually. I took these button colors from Oceanic theme, so I might be able to kinda transplant over some buttons from one of the firery themes. I don’t care much for red myself, but if other people want it…

(Hint: if you want to find out where the themes are, try using the search link up at the top of the page :wink: )