New thread proposal


Game engine + off topic chat

Game engine chat

this might keep me out of trouble…


Making a new thread with no topic is going to get you into trouble.

Why would you go and do that now?

To discuss without limits, proposals ideas and questions,

What you have made, this thing, is a “thread”. What I think you are proposing are new “forums”

That’s the idea, thank you sir


a new Forum area

blender game engine general chat and discussions (off topic ok)

I agree with Harley.

There is also IRC (try freenode #blender), there are 272 people there right now.


They already exist.

blender game engine =
general chat =
discussions (off topic ok) =

To see all the forum boards and their purpose =

But my discussions get closed if they go off-topic ,

it says game engine support and discussion

but its really just game engine support,

as if I have a discussion, it gets closed

I was talking about all games, not just mine,

like in general game…

so from Metroid to Contra to ?
from games made on this engine to games made on any engine,
to porting a board game

as long as it’s a game I don’t care


This forum is not for that purpose, it’s for art. You are looking for

If there’s a specific game like Metroid and you want to discuss the art, start a thread in “Off-Topic” no one will mind.

Making a thread about “Let’s randomly discuss all game art” is a problem, it’s not a discussion.

Do you understand, one has topic, a subject matter to discuss, the other doesn’t (even though you feel it does), it’s too vague so it can accomplish nothing.

You are really upsetting people with this. You understand you may need other outlets to discuss your interests (such as the link above).

that was why I purposed this,

I can have some dark corner that is not smiting them…

No, go here ->

You want a dark corner make your own forum.

This is not the purpose of this forum. This is

I am, and what I meant was to discuss general ideas about making a game,

I don’t always no where my topic will end compared to where it starts…

What’s more important to you,

A.) being able to participate on this forum board
B.) being right about getting a game board here

Choose A or B.

I choose A with a side of B?

I’ll hold the B if it kills A

Good call, and it will.

Please don’t go there, that would be bad.

Thanks for the conversation,
I’ll try and stay on topic and be -BluePrint here

not blueprintrandom

:smiley: You can do it :yes: just keep at it!