New threads in Tutorials requires mod approval?

Hi all,

Was just posting a tutorial I whipped up in the tutorials section, and after submitting it, I got a message that it needs moderator approval. I know sometimes new users need approval. I haven’t needed approval for any threads I start, except for that area. Anyone know why?

Just curious,

Jeez, I hope I’m not on some kind of probation… :confused:

Quality control to prevent tutorials which are wrong or don’t work ?

The tutorial forum is designated as a single location for tutorials and links to tutorials so that answers are easily searchable by new users.

When posting in this forum please note:

New Topics in the Tutorial forum are hidden by default and are only made public by a Moderator/Admin. The following are the requirements for a thread to be approved in this forum.

  • Only actual tutorials (or links to actual tutorials) will be approved.
  • Requests for tutorials can be made in the Sticky that says Requesting Tutorials
  • Support questions will not be approved and will not show no matter how many times you post them. Please post all support questions in their corresponding support forum. If you are unsure where to place the question, please place it in Basics/Interface
    If you have a problem that’s not addressed above you can send a Private Message to a moderator.

Thanks Pirate___man for clearing that up for me… I was just curious. Your reply almost sounds like it comes from a mod. I will admit to making some impolite posts (don’t tell anyone:no:) but I wouldn’t do so in that area. I can live with the restrictions for posts in that section…

Thanks alot,

My voice probably sounds like a moderator because I copied that from the tutorial faq sticky, the one thats intitled “Read before posting” Obviously your not the type to read the rules!! :no:


Obviously, but if I know the rules, I can’t claim ignorance of them when I break the rules :evilgrin: