New threads need approval? C'mon

I’ve posted a few threads on this forum. A message pops up saying that my new thread will need to be approved or something like that. It’s been a few days for one of my threads and still hasn’t surfaced. Is this normal?

no that isn’t normal

what exactly does the message say

(also the moderators might be able to help with this but you have posted it in the wrong section
you might need to wait until they find it, move it and then check into it for you)

I think it’s an anti spam measure. I’m not a mod, but, I think your post count needs to be above a certain (low) number to post links and possibly to make new threads. This prevents spam bot threads, which used to be a problem (but not any more, yay). Try again, and see if it still happens.

The man with the flabby digit is right.
It’s a newbie thing. Until you’ve been here a little while, you’ll have trouble posting attachments, too.