New Tie Fighter WIP

I’ve resurrected an old project and have done a lot of work on it. Since I’ve pretty much remade every part, I guess it can’t be considered an old project…?

Any comments would be welcome.

There’s still a LOT to be done on it, and I haven’t found any decent stills OR blueprints online to work off of. I’m trying to make it look more good than acurate, so if it looks crappy, let me know, but I’m not really concerned that it doesn’t match the ones in the movies exactly. :slight_smile:

Oh, and if anyone knows where I can get some great stills or blueprints online, I’d be your friend forever.


looking nice =) this place has lots of star wars blueprints - i hope they help
best starwars blueprints iv seen anywhere

hope they help

Excellent! Thanks!