New to 2.8 Need Help Creating bas relief for coin

Just updated from 2.79. I’m trying to create a coin using a 3d object for each side. Is this possible in 2.8? I cant find any tutorials for 2.8.

Below is a link to what I’m trying to do, but the information is 3 years old. Any help would be appreciated.

This is easy to do with a displacement map, just use the 3d face and details require for the coin and bake it in Xnormal and use a plane as the low poly object and bake the height and normal + optional ambient occlusion and cavity.

Then in Blender make a cylinder and subdivide it 4 to 6 time in simple and apply the displace modifier and chose your bake image.

Sculpting it would also be a pretty easy job.

Thanks for the reply, would you be able to walk me through the processor or point me in the direction of one? Do I need any additional addons?

No there is no need for any addon to make this work, you only need the model of the face and the details require like a laurel leaf around the circumference of the coin as an example.

Then you attach all these object and use ctrl+j to make them one. Now make a plane in blender and name it low poly coin and export it as obj in a folder.

Now export everything you join together for the face and detail as coin high poly.

Open Xnormal (free baking program) and load the high poly mesh in the first slot and then in the second load the low poly coin and go to bake options and chose height and normal + ambient occlusion to get nice shadow on the coin relief.

I am assuming you are already familiar with Blender a bit and general 3d software.

I almost forgot that i made a gif tutorial to show how to do this in Blender 2.79 since in 2.8 it is not working currently, here the tutorial and just replace the scales by your head and it is the same process ;

thanks again, I’ll give it a go and see if i can figure it out.

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You are welcome and if you are stuck just make a post and we will help you!

This might also help: How to model a silver coin?