New to 3d modeling, looking for some feedback

Hello, as the title suggests, i am pretty new to 3d modeling (its been 10 days precisely since i got my hands on it) and in the last 24 hours i worked on a character model which i think is now complete (the modeling part anyways) so i want you guys to tell me what you think of it and what can i do to make the next one better. I mostly wanna know about my topology (tried hard to keep it clean in the hard parts, legs, hands, knees).
The whole model was created using just box modeling techniques.
This is the blueprint of the character (from
And the actual model:
and here are some with a subdivision modifier applied:

If you want any other view of the model let me know.

In general I think you are one the right way :wink: but it’s still a long way to go.
For example the muscles look a bit off, especially legs and arms fingers,
later the face will be difficult, but fun

Just watch more and more tutorials. And also use a lot of reference images.
And also document everything, every model you made :wink:
Later you probably want to learn sculpting.

It’s VERY good for ten days. Keep going