New To Animation In Blender

Ok I don’t know if this is normal or something, but I made a fairly simple animation of a cube that moves across the screen. I pressed the animate button and the animation render window came up and it is going really slow. I guess my computer cannot process it or something. Any ideas of any sort? Maybe it is just my computer that can’t handle it.

hard to say, just to test it out, start with a new file, and make another animation, of the default cube, without adding a material, or changing any settings. even with a slow computer, rendering the default scene should go quickly. so if it renders quickly, that will tell you if it is something related to your settings, or materials or something else, maybe even some object in the scene that you aren’t seeing.

What is “really slow”? I remember thinking that it should render in real time, like “animate” just played my created animation right? You do realize it is rendering 30 frames for each second? And it is creating and saving those images on your hard drive? Just making sure.